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Use Cases

  • Wondering what actions to undertake after receiving your employee survey scores? Running out of ideas to meaningfully employee engage? Check out Aloha's use cases!

  • In 3 clicks, you can Browse, Choose, Book, sustainability experiences with your personalised concierge manager, as you build a sense of connectedness within your team cultures.

  • Better yet, you and your team can also deliver positive impact to our Planet too!

Experiential Learning Outcomes

Retain & Re-engageConnect & Communicate | 

Rebuild & Re-align | Creative Learning (offsite) | 

Performance Booster (offsite)

Each Aloha use case above highlights experiential learning outcomes that your employees can benefit from. Over time, your custom digital dashboard will inform you on the overall engagement levels of your employees, helping you identify and avoid potential talent attrition costs. 

We are also building out digital solutions to help you deliver carbon-neutral employee engagement experiences as you minimise your organisation's carbon footprint. 

Experiential learning outcome.png

Experiential Impact Outcomes

Each Aloha sustainability experience is aimed to contribute towards a United Nations Sustainability Development Goal (SDGs).


McKinsey reports that "70 percent of employees said that their sense of purpose is defined by their work." Hence help your employees find their purpose at work, as "People who live their purpose at work are more productive than people who don’t."

Experiential impact outcome.png

Recommended Sustainability Experiences

Aloha's concierge team has curated a collection of sustainability experiences that are aligned by ESF pillars, to help your employees (re)connect, (re)build team cultures and (re)fresh your employee experience. 

E: Environmental conservation experiences

S: Social sector, SDGs aligned experiences

F: Food sustainability experiences

recommended sustainability experience.png
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