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Performance Booster
(Custom offsite program)


Employees are struggling to pivot or get creative when designing solutions to adapt to the fast changing, volatile macro and micro business climates.

Compounding this problem, existing lean team structures imply employees lack the confidence or empowerment to make decisions and take calculated business risks.

Resulting in potential loss of revenue or market share with untimely business responses.

Experiential Learning Outcomes

  • Learn tools and thought frameworks to develop an agile work mindset

  • Build psychological safety within your team to supercharge a growth mindset and revitalise employee relationships

  • Develop calculated risk-taking mindsets with the psychological safety to fail when decision making

  • Attempt to disrupt yourselves to break habitual moulds before your competitors disrupt your business

  • Access a robust community of industry leaders who will share their expert knowledge with your employees as they build their individual "network equity" in this custom knowledge exchange

Use case - Performance booster - experiential learning outcome.png

Experiential Impact Outcomes

  • SDG 3, Good Health & Well-being

  • SDG 5, Gender Equality

  • SDG 8, Decent Work & Economic Growth

  • SDG 13, Climate Action

  • SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals

Use case - Performance booster- experiential impact outcomes.png

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