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Retain &


BAU (Business As Usual) demands make it difficult for People leaders to also research, shortlist, and negotiate for a roster of meaningful employee engagement experiences for their teams.

People leaders are often time-poor and also overwhelmed with a variety of talent responsibilities.

Experiential Learning Outcomes

  • Impact focused experiences to align employees on a common purpose-driven goal

  • Inclusion focused experiences to augment team cultures

  • Innovation focused to encourage the trying of new experiences

Use case - Retain & Re-engage - experiential learning outcome.png

Experiential Impact Outcomes

  • SDG 3, Good Health & Well-being

  • SDG 5, Gender Equality

  • SDG 8, Decent Work & Economic Growth

  • SDG 13, Climate Action

  • SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals

Use case - Retain & Re-engage - experiential impact outcomes.png
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