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Prosper with Purpose

Aloha is a mission-led startup where our north-star is to help businesses and their employees Prosper with Purpose.


Our impact initiatives focus on delivering benefits to global marine ecosystems to ensure our clients' businesses exist to positively impact People and Planet.


Impact initiative - Sharks

About 71% of Planet is covered by water bodies hence to shift the needle on climate change, we have to focus our efforts to understand the marine ecosystem. 

Sharks sit at the top of the marine ecosystem food chain and thus play a very important role as they maintain the delicate balance of marine life.

Unfortunately, shark populations around the world are in rapid decline and since sharks take many years to mature and produce relatively few young, compounded by overfishing and illegal fins-fishing, sharks conservation is essential to preserve the balance of our marine ecosystem.

Impact initiative - Corals

Corals are the foundation of ocean food chains as they serve the tiny plankton to the largest animals in the sea.

TIME reports that the death of coral represents a huge loss—as much as US$375 billion annually—for the local economies along the globe they support.

MIT scientists report that "coral reefs provide ecosystem services worth US$11 trillion dollars annually by protecting coasts, sustaining fisheries, generating tourism, and creating jobs across the tropics."

Coral reef ecosystems support ~1 billion people worldwide through jobs in fisheries and tourism but ~50% of the world's reefs are already destroyed. Hence humans need to collaborate and conserve healthy coral reefs to support marine biodiversity, shoreline protection from floods, wellbeing of jobs.

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