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Circular commerce revenue models
for your businesses

Aloha helps to increase the awareness of a circular economy to businesses, with a specialty in serving travel and hospitality businesses and their waste management challenges.

Here is a video of how Aloha assisted one of our clients, Resorts World Cruises, via our signature waste-to-experiences solution as we helped to (C.R.M.) Connect, Repurpose, Monetise recycling actions into new revenue streams. 


New revenue streams were generated in the form of on-board experiences paid by passengers, as they created hand-sewn pouches and stationary organisers, from repurposing plastic type 4 cling wrap and paper carton boxes respectively, diverting more than 100kg of waste from landfills.

Contact Aloha to find out more about industry use-cases to introduce a circular commerce revenue model for your business as we help you C.R.M. (Connect, Repurpose, Monetise).


"From our experience, we can really see that the amount of cling wrap collected can make it so useful ... from waste to experience, from cling wrap to create room key card pouches...


... recycling paper carton boxes is meaningful and easy for guests because when they are using recycled materials in doing something, that is very meaningful."


Resorts World Cruises

""300 sets of custom luggage tags & carabiners recycles approximately 10.8kg of type 2 plastic.

Ie preventing 10.8kg of plastic from entering waste systems."


"The pots were made to perfection, and one would not have guessed it was upcycled from plastic waste! Each pot had a lovely mix of colours, making it all the more attractive, and the workmanship was topnotch!


PA to EVP, CEO Office & Transformation,

De Beers Group

Resorts World Cruises.png
De Beers.png

Impact to date

Aloha's Circular Commerce Platform

12 Recyclers / Up-cyclers

(50% are female co-founded businesses. Aloha’s network of recyclers / up-cyclers facilitate the circular economy, from food waste to plastic to apparel.)

> 36,000 end-users introduced to Aloha's waste-to-experience (WtE) solution in ASEAN

100 kg of waste diverted
(from landfills, comprising of Type 2 plastic and paper carton boxes waste, repurposed into custom corporate gifts or delivered as a sustainability experience to guests.)


Aloha's Circular Commerce Platform (C.R.M.)




Luxury hotel.jpg

For travel & hospitality businesses

Aloha helps hotels, cruise liners and tourist attractions to solve their waste management challenges by CRM: Connect, Repurpose, Monetise, recycling actions into new revenue creation opportunities.

Food waste valorization, or fashion textiles repurposing (linens, uniforms, etc) into

  • hands-on sustainability experiences for your guests or MICE delegates or

  • retailed as hotel branded recycled products


are some of the ways we assist hotels to deliver waste-to-monetisation solutions.


Thus introducing a circular commerce business model.

For other corporate businesses

Aloha is able to facilitate an organisation wide adoption of sustainability initiatives via two pathways.


Firstly, to introduce access to sustainable corporate gifting items that are locally produced and hand-crafted.


Secondly, Aloha also helps educate employees through organisation wide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that incorporate hands-on experiences on repurposing waste (eg: apparel, plastic, food waste etc) into higher value products or services.

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