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Your partner in reducing Scope 3 carbon footprint

Activate and engage your employees or client stakeholders as your company embarks on a pathway towards net-zero. 

Identify new business value-adds or create new revenue streams as you partner Aloha.

Champion sustainability and establish a thought-leadership position in your industry.​


Recyclable Experience Solution


The Conservationist


Identify clean-stream recyclable types from your organisation to create a new revenue stream from an experience delivery after recycling 

Tap into Aloha's ecosystem of experience partners to recycle or up-cycle your recyclables

Complimentary recycling or up-cycling team-building experience for employees

Starts from S$19/employee/month


Employee Experience Solution


The Curious One

Access Aloha's curated collection of sustainability experiences for a meaningful team-building experience

Enterprise clients enjoy preferred standard flat rates for selected sustainability experiences

% off premium sustainability experiences


Gift Experience Solution


The Caring One

Access Aloha's curated collection of recycled or up-cycled corporate gifts or merchandise from sustainability experience partners

Select recycled materials instead of virgin raw materials in your corporates gifts or corporate merchandise

Experiential Learning Moments

Retain & Re-engage | Connect & Communicate | Rebuild & Re-align | Creative Learning (offsite) | Performance Booster (offsite)


Aloha delivers shared experiential learning moments via sustainability experiences, in 3-clicks to People leaders.


Browse, Choose, Book from Aloha's curated selection of sustainability experiences today.


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