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Holistic Employee


Employee experience is no longer about the office setup but has now extended into a holistic well-being, comprising mental, physical and emotional pillars. However it is time-consuming to individually seek out partners for each pillar. Aloha is here to help with her ecosystem of holistic well-being experiential partners.

Experiential Learning Outcomes

  • Custom programs can be created for each enterprise

  • The chief people officer at PwC, told McKinsey, that PwC's leadership had “asked all of our teams to create well-being plans using the framework of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, where spiritual refers to having a sense of purpose."

  • Deliver a program that addresses the mental well-being, physical well-being, and emotional well-being of your employees

Use case - Holistic employee well-being - experiential learning outcome.png

Experiential Impact Outcomes

  • SDG 3, Good Health & Well-being

  • SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals

Use case - Holistic employee well-being - experiential impact outcomes.png

Recommended Aloha Sustainability Experiences

  • Contact us for a customised program solution, delivered both digitally and in-person

Use case - Holistic employee well-being - sustainability experience.png
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